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De-Licing Day

  Phew, what a crazy amazing day that was. It has been a long time coming and it all started back in the Summer of 2016. The summer of 2016 was my first as a staff member. I… Read More

Family Can Change Everything

I get the incredible privilege to mentor & disciple young men here in MTY. There has been one specific set of brothers who have become close to my heart. I have mentored each of the boys. They all… Read More

It starts with a thought, then God runs with it

I recently went on a mission trip with Back2Back in January to Monterrey Mexico.  I expected our team to make an impact on the children’s lives but it was so much more.  If you’ve ever been on a… Read More

Keep it up Bro

I saw him at Casa Hogar Douglas (One of the Children’s Homes we serve) every time I went. And every time I was there he wanted to play soccer. He would always play with crocs on and still… Read More

Nigeria 2017

In October of 2017 I  was able to take a trip to Back2Back’s Jos, Nigeria site. The trip was meant to love on staff, train them on how to host a mission team, build staff culture, and to… Read More

Just Wow

  “Practice did not go so well,” Jacob tells me. I was not able to go to practice because of mission group obligations. I had heard that Mario, one of our best players had a very bad attitude… Read More

That Was Amazing & Overwhelming

This past year in 2017 I was tasked to lead the effort of coordinating our youth retreat in collaboration with a ministry branch of Back2Back called One21. This retreat is meant for our Hope Program students (young men… Read More

Listen Carefully

Man, it was hot outside. Daniel the Director of Casa Hogar (Children’s Home) Bethany walks over. I love Daniel so much. He is a visionary, loves the Lord, and is a great story teller. As we start talking,… Read More

Feeling Thankful (How our US staff are so important)

Fridays. These days are often very heavy for me as I welcome and orient groups to our site in Monterrey, Mexico. It is a day that starts at 8am and will go at least until 8pm or later. As we… Read More

Huh, they are listening

You know as a parent, youth pastor, boss, teacher, etc… you always wonder if the kids you are speaking to are listening. We can put so much hard work into pouring into these kids, but it can be… Read More