A Chance Encounter

Being in a new country, trying to learn another language, adapting to a new culture and way of life, and doing this with three young kids can be very stressful and overwhelming. That is how I have felt the first few weeks here in Monterrey, Mexico. My heart knows we are supposed to be here and the sweet ministry moments have been awesome, but some days are challenging.

God reminds me of His grace and shows me nothing is impossible with Him.

The other day I was feeling very overwhelmed. Our family just had gone out to look at playgrounds and because of traffic and a couple other things we didn’t make it to our destination. I was frustrated because I had been wanting to do this for a while. So, when we returned home, I was stressed, overwhelmed, and straight up tired. I told Katie I was going out to buy bananas and just left for a break/ mental checkout. I had 4 places to go:

  • The playground place
  • An ATM
  • The grill place (We would like to have a grill down here since it can be so hot it is good to cook outside)
  • The grocery – (to buy the aforementioned bananas)

When I started the car I felt an urge from the Holy Spirit to start praising God through song. So I turned on music and my soul was refreshed. I felt the stress, cares, and heavy load just start to be lifted off of me. My eyes are tearing up as the Lord is ministering to my heart and soul. I often forget this simple practice of running to my Daddy for rest. He reminds me often though to do it and when I do my batteries get recharged and all is well.

Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I am thankful for the Holy Spirit and these urgings. Remember to try and follow these urgings as much as possible. When you do, they become more noticeable and your heart yearns to obey.

Well, stops #1 and #2 were both closed. I was bummed, but was glad to get a mental break and some worship. I hit up #3. Went to the store and that was closed as well. As I was walking to my car I got a glimpse of a cupcake store and decided to walk over to it.

Side note: almost every day, I drive past this awesome new turf soccer field that is being built. On the outside I see a banner that says West Ham United and I have tried to ask people if they know anything about it. Our jovenes need a place to play that is not grass and I want the best for them. This is probably the best field in Monterrey right now and it is only five minutes from us.

I started walking through the plaza to the cupcake store and on the level above me I noticed two men wearing soccer jerseys.  I meet perfectly with them at the bottom of the stairs as I am walking to the cupcake shop and I blurted out, “Hey are you guys British?” Maybe that was a little rude, but I was just excited to see if they spoke English. They said yes and  I come to find out that they are the coaches for West Ham United soccer club at the new field. They told me they have a partnership with the private school who built it and I can come by anytime I want to, to kick around or see what it is all about. We had a great conversation and we are now talking frequently. I went to visit them at the field this week and the field is immaculate with like six goals on it. Joah, Elias, and I got to play soccer one afternoon there and had a blast.

I walked away laughing with such sweet joy. I knew it was my Father who set up this chance encounter in the very busy, very large city of Monterrey. I mean, it is beyond chance for us to be walking at the same place at the same time. Especially, because I felt the need to go to a cupcake shop, which never happens. So, now I have the official IN with the people at that field and they have already asked me for a few of the kids we serve to come and play on their teams. I mean WOW. Just so cool. Glory to God. Listen to that urging. Our Daddy God wants to provide for us even when we do not ask. How cool is it to give a toy to your child that you know they would love and they have never asked for it? That is my favorite time to give something. I don’t think I prayed much, if at all, for this and God was looking down smiling when He chose to set this up.

The great thing about this is that I just heard two of the boys from a children’s home received a full scholarship to play on this club team. So sweet how God works. Through sport these kids will learn so much. I will be right there cheering them on and encouraging them as a big brother would.


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  1. Awesome story Jed! Great to hear how you are quieting yourself to listen to God. Also, how you are able to use your passions to help these boys. It sounds like they are being offered a life changing experience. Keep up all the good work and take care:)

    • Thanks Candace. It has been hard, but a lot of good comes from it all. We appreciate you guys and hope to see you next summer.

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