Because of Jesus


Before we moved to Mexico to serve with Back2Back Katie and I prayed a lot. I often found myself trying to make plans and set up what ministry would look like in Mexico even before I arrived. When I was praying with some friends one night before we left I felt an impression from the Lord that I needed to take a step back and  plan nothing. This is against my nature. So, we obeyed and prayed for the Lord to move without us forcing it.

We have been down here for two months now and the time has flown by. Every time our director asks about where we are feeling led to serve, I can only tell him what God is putting me around. Ever since day one, Katie and I have been blessed with a heart for the older boys in our Hope Program. Their ages range from 15-22.

We feel drawn to these young men. We often find one of these boys in our home at least every other day if not every day. God has organically drawn us into relationship and God’s grace is allowing us to go deep with one another.

These guys are becoming a part of our family. Our boys play with them and love them. God is drawing them into relationship with Him through the love of His children.

It is so sweet to see life in their eyes –to see them realize that not only can they not do life by themselves, but they are so worth Jesus dying for them. This realization is one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

Pray for us as we walk through deep wounds, pain, betrayal, abuse, and bondage with them. God is breaking them down in order to put them back together. When something is broken down it is ugly in the beginning, but as it is rebuilt it becomes way more beautiful than it ever was.

It is only because of Jesus that we are able to be used. It is only because of Jesus that we do not get in the way of His healing. And it is only through Jesus that their hearts are drawn to Him. Pray for us through it all. We love you and we love the privilege we have to be His hands and feet.

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