Cross-Cultural Servanthood Continued

My last post I introduced the book, “Cross-Cultural Servanthood”, by Duane Elmer. This is a book B2B (Back2Back ministries) is prepping us with during our orientation period. I have a couple more posts on this book as I think it is a book all should read and not just missionaries.

Read the excerpt below and please be praying these things for us. I have heard many times that introverted people become more introverted and extroverted people become introverted when they become missionaries out of country. It is hard work. You’re in a whole different culture, learning a new language, basically your brain is working over time. Emotionally it is hard to give more than you’re doing, especially when you’re working with kids who have had trauma and have been abandoned or traumatized¬†in one way or another.

The biggest impact is in becoming like the people you’re serving, as Duane Elmer’s writes, “Like Joseph, we need to do what the local people do and fit in as much as possible without violating our faith.” Read the below and please pray for the Zayner Family and all missionaries. These points are so good:

“The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) discovered this overlooked element some years ago. They conducted a study that asked, ‘What characteristics does a person need to be effective overseas?’…The CIDA study, replicated several times, demonstrated that far and away, the most powerful factor in overseas effectiveness was the ability to initiate and sustain interpersonal relationships with the local people. Solid, long-term relationships with host country people was the most important contributor to

1) satisfaction in one’s overseas assignment,

2) transferring technology to local people, and

3) the ongoing success of the projects (sustainability).

The second major predictor of success was a strong sense of self-identity, which allowed people to be real with each other…The third major predicator was positive, realistic pre -departure expectations.”

Thank you for your prayers and support.


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