Family Can Change Everything

I get the incredible privilege to mentor & disciple young men here in MTY. There has been one specific set of brothers who have become close to my heart. I have mentored each of the boys. They all come from a hard place and are beating the high odds of failure. They have all graduated from high school and live completely different lives than what they could have imagined.

The oldest, Adrian, is one of the first young men I met when I moved here three years ago. Adrian is below and then the next brother is Jonathan, both are pictured below.


Jonathan after one of our Los Dos games

IMG_3882 copy

Of all the kids I have mentored/discipled these are the only two who have taken the time and used their talents to make me something as a way to say thank you. I will cherish these two gifts forever. They are hard workers, respectful, loyal, and smart.

The last brother is Jose. He had a hard start in our Hope Program as he was unsure if high school was for him. Through many different avenues and the influence of his brothers he has stuck it out and will be graduating high school soon. He has come a long way on our soccer team. He started out only thinking of himself and playing very selfish soccer. But, season after season, we would chip away at that pride. Finally, he started seeing how God has directed his footsteps and how much He loves and pursues him. His life started changing rapidly and he quickly rose to become an important member to our soccer team. He started focusing harder and harder on school. Unfortunately, recently, he tore his ACL.

This was a great time for our soccer team and B2B community to show him love and figure out how we would get this surgery. Luis, a house parent within our B2B community and also a doctor, made calls and asked favors to setup an incredible surgeon to do the surgery. Now, we just needed the money. Jose’s house parent was calling people to try and find discounted prices on things and driving Jose everywhere – to school, the doctor, his biological family’s house, etc… This was a great opportunity for our soccer team to come alongside him as well. We reached out to friends of our team who lived in the US and they wanted to help. Quickly Jose started seeing what a true family looks like. In times of need is often when we do our best work.

Jose received his surgery and now is in therapy. He still has about four months left until full recovery, but it is incredible to see the joy and love within this young man. God has big plans for him and he is trying to enter aviation school. He will slowly come back into the team, which the players are so looking forward to. But when asked how he feels about the surgery and the recovery he responded with, “I just feel so loved that people would do so much for me.”

I now get the privilege to mentor and disciple the last of the brothers. And it is an honor.


Jose with his B2B House Parent, Yanko, after his ACL surgery.


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