It starts with a thought, then God runs with it

I recently went on a mission trip with Back2Back in January to Monterrey Mexico.  I expected our team to make an impact on the children’s lives but it was so much more.  If you’ve ever been on a trip with them, you know what I mean.  Not only does Back2Back care so deeply for each and every orphan but they also pour that same love into each missionary who steps foot on their campuses.  So many of our lives were changed by our trip.  God was certainly present.  I know because he spoke to me and changed my life.

On the second morning of our trip I was lying on my bed, reading the scriptures, and preparing for our devotional time when I heard God say to me “It’s time.”  My twenty year struggle was over.  I knew exactly what he meant.  God reinforced this with two more messages as I stood in the choir loft the Sunday we returned home.  The time with Back2Back and the love they poured into us gave me the opportunity to deepen my relationship with God and answer his call to become a Methodist Pastor.  I am very excited about where God will lead me.

God was also working to put a very special blessing in our lives.  His name is Milton.  My wife, Annemarie, and I felt so blessed to be able to sponsor him.  He is such a wonderful little boy with a huge smile and dimples as deep as the Grand Canyon.  We were able to spend a lot of time with him before we ever thought of sponsoring a child.   He is smart, funny, caring, and has such a glow about him.  We miss him terribly and look forward to seeing him next year.  Sending letters is great but there is nothing better than losing to him in checkers!

I am so impressed with the Back2Back staff and the house parents.  Even though they see these children every day, the raw emotions we saw, the love they have for each child, was so real no words could describe it.  I felt blessed to be there with them even for such a short period of time.

God works in wonderful ways.  He is truly blessing all those connected with Back2Back’s mission.  As for me, what can I say…. answering His call and adding Milton to our family?  Priceless!!!!!

In Christian Love,

Chad Irons

Westford UMC

Harrisburg, NC


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