Senor Baldamar is a new friend of the Zayner family. He is probably in his late 60’s and cannot speak after suffering multiple seizures and heart attacks. He has severe diabetes and his sugars must be monitored regularly. He has lost most of his teeth. He is also our neighbor.

Our friends Juan and Rosa have been employing him because he wants to be useful and help others. He also needs money for healthy food and water. After hearing he needed work, we invited him over to Casa Zayner. He sweeps, and cleans up leaves and tree branches for us. These tasks often take him awhile, which is no problem for us. Seeing Senor Baldamar is a joy to our hearts. Our boys have embraced him as family.

We are reminded of this scripture, “ The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me,’” Matthew 25:40.

He can provide very little for us, but we see Jesus when we see him. He communicates with hand gestures and writes short phrases and words on a notepad kept in his back pocket. Every time we see him we make an extra effort to speak life to him. We found out his family neglects and mistreats him, even withholding food and water. You better believe my wife loves feeding this man!

Last week, Senor Baldamar was leaving and Elias and Lucas ran to him to give him big hugs. Senor B smiled with the biggest smile and embraced them as his eyes filled with tears. We love that our boys are growing up loving people without prejudice and loving them deeply even if they have just met. We feel very thankful. Every day we see him, we tell him how thankful we are for him and give him hugs. Senor B may look like the least of these here on this earth, but to our Heavenly Father Senor B is His child and is the most important child in His eyes. I am sure he is rarely embraced with kindness and love where he lives. So we make sure to give him an extra dose and a full belly when he comes to our house.

Seeing our new friend smile is one of the most precious things we have seen. God is good all the time and His grace always abounds. What a gift to get to love His people. What a gift to be able to have such a sweet soul in our lives. We encourage you to reach out to what we may think are the least of these and embrace them. Your heart will jump inside you as you feel God’s longing for them.




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