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Christian is a really good kid. He has a heart of gold, he works so hard, is so respectful, and will be the first one to serve. But, when it comes to deep conversation and talking about Jesus, I have never see that side of him, until…

Two weeks before the trip Christian decided he was able to go and he worked hard to come. This would also be Christian’s first time outside of the state and to the beach.

I was praying hard for a special encounter with Christian. We spent time at each children home, but through each debriefing Christian still was not opening up. We played, spent time on the beach, and ate lots of great food. Still, nothing. Just the same old steady Christian who served, was kind, gentle, and loving. But, no true depth or emotion. For the past couple months I had been praying for whom God was placing on my heart to disciple and mentor this year. Each year I have enough capacity in my schedule to mentor and disciple three or four of our boys in the Hope Program. It is a lot for our family to commit to this, but we feel it is of the utmost importance. At the end of the trip I felt like it was confirmed that one of the boys should be Christian. Christian seemed pretty excited to do it, but the weeks following it was hard for us to get together.



About a month ago Christian came to our house for the first time. We did not spend time in the Word, but we spent time talking. I told him that our house and relationship is safe and nothing will be told to others. That I want to go deep with him and in that we will get to know the deepest and even darkest areas of our lives. We will fight for each other, be there for each other, and ultimately direct each other to Jesus. Christian looked around and for the next 1-2 hours started to speak about his life, his family, life on the streets, fighting, fears, and hopes. I could see him take a deep breath and I could see with his body language saying “finally.” He had been holding so much in for so long, putting his head down, and fighting his way through life. He spent half the day at our house eating two meals, playing with our kids and we would sporadically talk about Jesus, our lives, our pasts, and what it means to be a man after God. I could see him take it in and if he did not have somewhere to be I could have seen him stay the whole night.

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You see, most of the kids we serve are around people all their lives, they do not have privacy, they do not usually have the opportunity to speak individually with people and just be one on one. He had our family to himself and we could see him getting filled up and walls being broken down. He has now been over to our house 4 more times and would not miss our discipleship/bible study/ family time for nothing. He spends around 4 hours at our house each time and one of those hours is digging deep in the Word with me.

You see, discipleship is not just sitting down for an hour and going over the Word of God, it is doing life together. Yes, Jesus sat down with his disciples, but there are more stories of Jesus teaching his disciples through life experiences.  God continually reminds our family to go deep and allow each young man we disciple to spend an unlimited amount of time at our house.

What I did not know was that God was using our soccer team and our trip to Mazatlan together to continue to chip away at Christian’s heart. I am so excited to see what God has in store for our weeks following and for Christian’s life. He is an awesome young man.






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