Kairos Moment

Yesterday I was sitting and studying the Bible with Emmanuel (Changed name for the sake of privacy). We were learning about Kairos moments. I explained to Emmanuel that in Greek there are two words for time. Chronos time- continuous time with moments of history. Kairos time- moments of time that are reflected upon from God’s perspective. When looking at life from a Kairos perspective we see most moments as God moments and try and figure out what God is teaching us or wanting us to do. I gave Emmanuel an example of a Kairos moment in my own life and then asked him if he has had any moments recently that he would consider “Kairos moments.” I explained to Emmanuel that God wants us to listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him move through us, to not only make us more like Jesus, but to facilitate God’s love in other people’s lives.


I explained to Emmanuel that oftentimes we get feelings in our stomach or we start randomly thinking about someone near us who we do not know, or we have a feeling to approach a friend or stranger about something specific.

Emmanuel looks up at me and says, “Hay mucho” (There are a lot). I sat there surprised, not expecting Emmanuel, at 19 years old, to be fully able to comprehend a Kairos moment or have one ready to share.


“I was coming home on the bus the other day. It was just me, a woman and her two kids on the bus that night. As I sat down I got this feeling in my stomach and I started thinking about this woman. I thought to myself that this woman looked like she had nothing. It looked like she had very little money and life was hard. I realized I have $100 pesos (about $6 USD) in my pocket. My first thought is that I need to give this money to this woman who I do not know. I say to myself, ‘Yeah but I need this money for bus rides to school this week.’ But, I immediately thought about all that I have, all that God has given me. I am blessed and I have more than enough. So, I walked up to this woman before I got off the bus and I handed this woman my last pesos and I told her ‘God bless you.’ The next day I went to my boss to find out when I get paid next for work knowing it was days away. But, my boss said I would be paid today.  I also knew that if I were to get paid it was not much, maybe $100-$200 pesos. I had not worked much. But, my boss handed me $500 pesos. I stood there and told him that I had not worked this much. He pulled out his calendar and showed me that I had and I was stunned to see that I had. I honestly believe I did not work that much, but God must have changed it.”


I sat there awe struck that this 19 year old young man who grew up on the streets fending for himself and his brothers gave his best, his last. I was amazed that he believes that he is so blessed and has more than enough. I start laughing not expecting at all what I just heard. I tell him how proud of him I am . That this is a Kairos moment and he did what God wanted him to do and God took care of him abundantly more than he had imagined. He said he has many more moments like these. What a gift. I look forward to hearing the other stories and I will share them.


You see, our hearts are made to give and love others. Most of our lives we hold it back not knowing. But, when we choose Jesus, Jesus brings freedom. Freedom and power to be able to understand and to know what God truly made us for and the freedom to listen and respond. Little did Emmanuel know that in the week prior to him saying this I had been struggling with giving money to the homeless here in Mexico. You see, people everywhere try to hustle for money on the streets, they try to wash your car at stop lights, try to “help” you park at Wal-Mart, and always ask for money. I have let myself build up a hard heart toward giving to the homeless. Yet through my wife, friends, and now Emmanuel God has been hitting it home in my heart to break down this wall and move to give and to be more generous.


Not only did Emmanuel amaze me with his softness of heart with this Kairos moment, but God used him to break down the walls in my own heart. God never ceases to amaze me.


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