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I saw him at Casa Hogar Douglas (One of the Children’s Homes we serve) every time I went. And every time I was there he wanted to play soccer. He would always play with crocs on and still  be the best one out on the soccer court. It honestly looked like he was not even trying, it looked like he did not care that much. I knew we had been trying to get Mario into the Hope Program for some years, but due to an unknown reason he would not come.  Finally in August of 2016 Mario entered our Hope Program and enrolled in high school.

Things have not been all peachy for him being in the program, but he is trying. He is pushing to finishing his High School degree. Along with his house parents, I have been trying to pour into Mario through our soccer team and during the week. About two months ago I felt this push to start discipling and mentoring him. Mario wants to be a leader and especially wants to be a captain on our Hope Program soccer team, Los Dos. He asks me a lot if he is ready and I always tell him, “Leaders do not ask to lead, they are made leaders.”

Recently I asked him if he wanted to be a leader of about five to six 12-15 year old boys at our annual One21 retreat. He was ecstatic and this time he asked me if he was ready. I told him I believed in him and that it is time. I think he just needed a little push, because he far exceeded expectations.


After the retreat we recognized him in front of his peers to continue to encourage him onward. He has a great heart and he truly cares about others. Our children love being around him and in general he is friends with everyone. Today I am going to meet for lunch with him. We normally chat about life, what hard things are going on his life, and what kinds of things God wants him to focus on in becoming a man of integrity and character. I am excited to see how this will play out.



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  1. Awesome post! I have an idea for your next post titled: The time an average joe went to Mexico and bested a pro 🙂

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