Mario and His Bible

Remember that garage sale we had while we were still in the States? Well,  Joah wanted to do a lemonade stand to raise money for the kids in Mexico before we left the good ole USA. We have been waiting to find a good reason to use this money. There are many worthy causes here, but we felt we should wait for something close to Joah’s heart. One of the boys we have the privilege to know and mentor, recently told us he has never owned his own new Bible. Here is young man that feels like he has the heart of a pastor and he has never owned his very own, unused Bible. We thought this was a great way to spend this money that Joah raised. So, Mario just received his very first, leather bound, Spanish/English Bible (He is learning English). To say he was overwhelmed is an understatement. He immediately said he needed to get a protective case for it because he likes to take good care of his things. He said this is a very special gift for him and he will cherish it all of his days. So, thank you to everyone who donated to Joah’s lemonade stand and all those who support us with prayers, encouragement, and finances.

P.S. We had a little money left so we used it to take Leo and Mario job hunting. We had to purchase head shots and other supplies. These young men have become like family as we do Bible studies every week with them, mentor them, feed them, and chase after the Lord together.  What a gift.IMG_3808 IMG_5632 IMG_5481


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