My Papa Daddy

When I (Jed) was in Monterrey, Mexico June 20-26 something amazing happened. God moved in a big way. His love that surrounds us like a heavy blanket in the winter time descended onto one of the children I was spending time with. A child who has been around Christians his whole life, but never took the step to embrace God’s love for Him. After talking for awhile about how God has been tactfully wooing his heart, it dawned on him the love God has for him and how big his sin truly is. His eyes were filling with tears as I asked him, “Do you want God to reign in your life? Do you want to come home to your Father God?”

He looked up at me and said, “Yes, no more waiting. I want to live for Jesus.”

Right then and there he received Jesus and all that Jesus has done for him. I know in that moment God’s angel armies were praising, dancing, and singing for joy that God’s long lost son had come home. This happened on a short, six day mission trip. I am excited to see what at least three years will look like. We baptized him later that night with a group of people in a pool, welcoming him to the family. ¬†What a glorious day!

God has shown me that although we will be serving the Mexican children and people, He will bring down Americans and people from every country to experience His love in a whole new way. When people experience His love, it changes everything! I am so blessed to have been chosen and to have been given the grace to be used by the Lord. In these moments I am filled with tears, tears of joy, thinking about what a good Daddy our God is that He would set so many moments up for us over and over again so we can experience His love for us.

This is huge for a man like me, a man who grew up without a Father. A man whose heart breaks when he sees complete earthly families enjoying themselves. A man who longs for his children to have an earthly father to be a grandfather.

In all of these moments my Papa Daddy (God) shows me how much He loves me and that He will move the world and all of its mountains in order for me and all of us to experience His love for us. That is a Daddy I look up to. That is a Daddy that is my children’s Daddy. That is a Daddy that makes our earthly family complete. That is my Papa Daddy.


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