We have a good good Daddy

God is so good. When we first arrived here in Mexico, the first thing I noticed was the soccer field. Now… B2B staff did the best they could to keep up with the wear and tear on the field. But, it is extremely difficult when the rain comes and the kids play on this field 24/7.

I remember asking one of our Hope Program students, “What is one thing you would love to have happen while your here at B2B?” He replied, ” To play on some good soccer fields.”

I had found a new turf field that was just being built down the street from us, but it was difficult to find time to get onto this field. We also play on turf fields for our league games, but these fields not only cost us to play on them, but they also are very old, beat up, and just not good.

Honestly, I was not even praying for a new turf soccer field. We have education and living expenses for our students that we need money for and those are way more important than turf fields. So, I never really prayed about it or spoke to anyone about it.

Then the summer of 2016 hit and there was one man that asked the question, “Jed, I see that the field on campus needs some work, what if you and the kids could have new turf to play on whenever you wanted in its place?”

I said, “Well, that would be amazing, but we have needs in our Hope Program in paying for kids education, that is more important right now.”

He said, “Well, what if I pay for half of that turf field, and I will still donate to the Hope Program?”

I said, “Well, I cannot argue with that.”

That in and of itself is amazing, especially because we were not praying for it. But, God hears the cry of His children no matter if it is a field or education.

Within a week the funds came in for the field. We were in August and we set a timeline of December 31st to have the other half raised. We, B2B staff, were calling all of our contacts that may jump in on this, but most of our traction would come in 2017. We had raised some money but still needed a big chunk.

Here comes December 30th and we still need a little under half. Then a man calls in about placing a donation online. He wanted to designate it to the field, but was figuring out how to do it online. We thought it would be a smaller donation. But, one of our staff came in after New Years and looked at the incoming donations and saw the amount. That man had given the other half that was needed. We were astonished and amazed. We fully thought there was no way to get this money in on the timeline we had set. Then BOOM, God is like, I can do all things my son.

We have such a good Daddy in our God. He not only loves to answer our prayers, but he loves to give when we do not ask as well. And now we have a new turf field on campus that our kids play on every single day, our team plays on every week, and all of us are just enjoying.

Why does God do this kind of stuff? Well, He loves seeing his children happy and enjoying themselves. And He especially loves doing things when we have no part in them at all, no prayers, no nothing. That way, literally the only glory we can give is to God. Lastly, he hears His children’s cries, and He loves to respond to them.

Here is a video that shows the development as well.



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